Friday, 10 June 2011

The Wedding Diet...

As I am sure most of you know by now I AM GETTING MARRIED....not until next year but still very exciting to say the least.

However this year I also have another big 30th....eeekkk!!

I have always said that on my 30th birthday I want to have my dream figure. I have achieved this figure twice in my life....once after going travelling and living off of nothing apart from rice and vegetables for six weeks due to lack of cash and once due to an extreme starvation diet....three weeks of pure torture!!

I have not however managed to achieve again in the past eight years, so after the two weeks of weddings and celebrations that just occurred I decided to put myself on a VERY strict diet to start me on my way to my 30th birthday dream figure and hopefully keep that figure for the wedding (although this is very doubtful).

Sadly the boy has also embarked on this so this week has seen alot of shouting in Casa el Hummingbird due to the fact we are so bloody hungry.

So...after four days (I started on Monday) things were going really well. Yes there were times at which I felt light headed but it was all for a good cause. Then last night we went out for a dinner that we pre booked a while ago. I say dinner but infact it was a seven course tasting menu at a Michelin Star restaurant (Ristorante Semplice) that we got an internet deal on!

So there I was....determined not to throw away all my hard work..and then the bread basket came out. I practically inhaled three pieces of bread within the first minute (even the boy was impressed). The seven courses then started to come out....although they were small they were totally gorgeous....however by the fourth course something odd happened...I couldn't eat anymore.

Now I am an eater...I love food and especially love going out for dinner so the fact I couldn't eat everything both shocked, upset and made me angry (according to the boy from that point on I was throwing around filthy looks to anyone who dared look at me).

I was so full that the boy had to practically carry me home and then I had to lay very still for a long time.

After having a good old think I have decided that I love food too much to not eat it so am now going to exercise like a crazy woman instead to get the dream figure/lollypop head look so that I can eat what I want when I want. And on that note I am off for a bacon sandwich....yum!!

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