Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Three times a bridesmaid...

I have a very good friend who is getting married this is going to be the wedding of the year due to it's quirkiness and general feel good festival factor.

The bride is wearing a gorgeous dress (can't say too much) but it has a vintage twist. However the bridesmaid (also a very good friend) is having trouble finding a dress that fits with the vintage look but isn't a. too expensive and b. too gorgeous (can't outshine the bride!!).

So I put my vintage hat on (not that I really take it off) and off I went set with a budget of £100 to find the perfect dress and here they are.....

To be honest it was harder than I thought to find a fabulous dress within budget and not too glam as a lot of vintage prom dresses could easily be worn as an actual wedding dress..and...lets be honest two girls looking bridal at a wedding just isn't a good look!!

Another way around this is going down the high street route. Thanks to Mad Men the 1950's style is very much in at the moment so a vintage style dress is relatively easy to find.

Here are my faves....

Oasis £150

Monsoon £65

Monsoon £130

Oasis £125

And the fab thing about all the vintage/vintage themed dresses is that people can actually wear them again...!! All I need now is for someone to ask me to be bridesmaid so I can bag myself one of these fab dresses!!

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