Monday, 23 May 2011

Wedding fever...

In the next seven days I have two weddings....both of whom involve the same group of girlfriends so we are all very excited indeed.

I have been eating healthily, not drinking very much and generally looking after my body in a bid to look fabulous for both events...that is until my good friend Alice visited me on Saturday and we drank three bottles of wine and then the boy came home yesterday from a weekend away and we ate pizza and ice cream...oh dear.

The only issue I have had with having the weddings so close together is the fact I had to find two dresses.

Now this in itself is not a problem but as I like a dance (especially after a few drinks) and I am not a regular high heel wearer the dresses I always were to weddings are full length so I can wear pretty little sandals and dance the night away.

I thought I would have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to find a maxi dress nice enough to carry me through from day to evening but I was wrong...

..this dress being worn by the delicious Kylie Minogue is my actual was £39.99 from H&M and looks really beautiful on. It also comes in olive green and cream with a black and red pattern (totally amazing and I would have got that one as well but they didn't have it in my size).

I will be teaming it with sandals from Accessorize which were £35 and earrings from Monsoon which were £12.

Best this about it all is that the dress is not too weddingy so I can wear it again in a more casual way ala Kylie Minogue...!!

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