Friday, 20 May 2011

I am addicted....

to wedding that my secret is out in the open I feel better already.

I am unsure what started is certainly not the fact that I will be getting married anytime soon or that I am one of those girls desperate to get married (well...maybe) but I LOVE THEM.

I think maybe it is because I am very nosy. When the boy and I are introduced to people he is very polite (he is not a big fan of small talk) where as I launch into 20 questions demanding to know all the intricate details of their lives.

So as the wedding blog allows you to see all the details of a complete strangers most important day is it any wonder I am addicted.

I can spend a good hour at least a day reading and then I relay everything I liked about each wedding to the boy later on that night....he loves this I am sure although he did remark this morning 'You mention weddings everyday at the know we are not getting married...right..??' I am hoping that by telling you guys all about it I will resist the urge for get another wedding recap this evening.

Todays favourite comes from the fabulous Love My Dress blog which is my favourite to read....the lovely couple are Kate and Steve....or as I like to think of new friends who have just got married.

The got married in Scotland and Kate wore a dress from my absolute favourite wedding dress shop The Vintage Wedding Dress Company (one of the main reasons I want to get married is so I can spend a day trying on their dresses!!)

And here are a few gorgeous pics...

...ahhh...simply lovely...!!

You can read the full story at the Love My Dress blog ....but I warn you...they can be VERY addictive!!

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