Thursday, 26 May 2011

Big News....

So...this week saw the first of my double wedding bonanza and it was beautiful.

It was in a gorgeous church and then a stunning manor house and I have to say that all of us looked fabulous.

However the day was slightly marred by the boys....not just mine but all of them. It turns out that five hours of cheesy music does not a happy boyfriend make.

The next day I was still slightly put out by the situation so the boy took me off for a day sightseeing (I bloody love being a tourist) in order to cheer me up.

The day was perfect and upon returning home he was completely forgiven.

We then got on to the subject of weddings and how I would like a big diamond ring...I jokingly told him to go and make me one out of tin foil and then I would think about he went and then came back into the room and told me to close my eyes so I can have my made ring.....but....when I opend my eyes he was on one knee....WITH THIS RING....

BLOODY is from the 1930's and even has the original inscription in it.

Obviously I said yes.....after alot of tears though.

So...I am now I fully grown up lady....and it does go to show that mentioning weddings/marraige everyday for around a year!!

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