Thursday, 25 August 2011

Today I am feeling....


Last night the boy and I met up with some wonderful friends and had dinner at Necco (Japanese by Exmouth Market)...which was amazing and then I decided to drink almost two bottles of red wine and chat absolute rubbish to anyone that would listen.

What this has taught me though is that I need a wardrobe of work clothes at the ready to throw on to my poor alcohol ridden body instead of searching through the wardrobe...deciding I have nothing to wear, having a small weep, then chucking on yesterdays work clothes praying that no one notices (I work with boys so I doubt anyone will).

When I worked back in the big bad world of banking it was so much easier as I had four boring skirts and a shed load of boring tops (I wasn't one of these glamorous city girls with their short tight outfits and dreams of shagging the boss) which was fine as every day I knew what to wear.

However for the past five years I have been able to wear what I want which has led to some very inappropriate outfits (see through top whilst filling in for CEO's PA), some crazy outfits (silver shiny dress and white cowboy boots) and some hungover outfits (very baggy jeans, a t-shirt and a hat....which I wore all day).

When there is no dress code what to wear to work becomes a ridiculous waste of time in the mornings....and yes I know that if I spent five minutes the night before sorting out an outfit it would be much easier...but clearly I like to spend my evenings drunk.

So it seems the only option is to save up and get a wardrobe of work clothes so that when I do wake up in the morning stinking of gin and trying not to vomit I wont have the added pain of choosing clothes..!!

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