Monday, 22 August 2011

Looking Good and Doing Good...

In the age of recycling, fair trade and basically being as nice as possible to other people and the environment it is hard sometimes to buy clothes without feeling a tiny bit guilty.

For example I know that if I buy a five pound top from Primark it hasn't probably come from a very nice place. When I was be didn't bother me so much but with age comes responsibility and it is nice to know that you can look good and do good at the same time.

My first tip on this are fair trade companies....Fashion Conscience stock some GORGEOUS bits and favourites are....

People Tree - £30.80

NOMAD - £54.60

If you are looking for some gorgeous jewellery then the Laura Bailey range for MADE is delish....

MADE - £60

....if someone would like to buy me that necklace then please...feel free....!!

The fairtrade list is extensive and totally fabulous.

Tip two...clothes you know I am a huge fan of this and I have got some amazing bits and pieces just by going along to one of these events with my old clothes. Swish Pout do fab events around London and are definitely worth a visit.

And last but by no means least....vintage. Although it can be expensive at times if you find a good vintage shop with great prices hang on to it for dear life as the more friendly you are with the owner the better discounts you will get (trust me). Wearing vintage also means that as well as doing your bit for recycling you can also be sure that no one else will be wearing what you are wearing....brilliant...!!

Hummingbird Vintage £30

Hummingbird Vintage £30

Hummingbird Vintage £30

So there you have with less guilt....all I have to do now is find new ways of hiding the purchases from the boy...!!

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