Monday, 7 March 2011

Photoshoot Madness.....

Quick warning....I have a bad cold so if this blog post starts to ramble or make no sense it is probably due to the amount of lemsip I am downing at an alarming rate!!

So this weekend was spent photographing clothes for Hummingbird Vintage and then drinking every drop of wine I had in the house to celebrate afterwards...cue sore heads on Sunday.

One thing I have found is that vintage clothing looks alot better on a body than on a hanger or mannequin so I have decided that from now on all the new vintage treasures I find I will photograph them on people so that there are shown off to their best.

This weekend I persuaded my lovely friend Ben (who just so happens to be a professional photographer) to come up to London and take pictures of my clothes and I also roped in two of my beautiful friends to help model the clothes along side myself. Not to not stand next to tall model like creatures in a photoshoot....I ended up looking like a very curvy, buxom, wench like midget. I wouldn't have been out of place in Lord of the Rings. I keep reminding myself it is about the clothes NOT how I look (although I am now on a diet and looking into growth hormones...!!).

We took the pictures on my roof terrace to give it a bit more of a gritty background and even though it was freezing the girls didn't complain once....although this may have been to do with the wine I was dishing out freely.

And here are a few of the results.....

As always any feedback is greatly appreciated so don't hold back...!!

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