Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Fat Bastards....

From the title you would be forgiven for thinking that this post is about people who are both fat and not very nice...however it is not.

Instead it is about not very nice people who make you feel fat.

An example of this was when I went to see the nurse the other day...I stepped on the scales and the conversation went like this..

HER - 'Ooohhhh....I see you are almost hitting 23 on your BMI scale'
ME - 'Yes...I know I am getting a bit fat (obviously expecting her to exclaim 'No your not...your practically a super model' like any normal woman would do'
HER - 'Yes you are...and you are short so if you carrying on getting fatter you wont be able to carry it off'

She then told me a lovely story about how she told her colleague she was fat and is now on probation....she really was a charming woman.

Now had this woman been like Cindy Crawford I would understand but she was the size of Vanessa Feltz (pre op).

Cheeky Wench...!!

Now I am not saying I advocate obesity or even being over weight but I am totally against Fat Bastards...however that doesn't stop me wanting to loose 40lbs before I see the evil nurse again just so I can give her the two fingers when I step on the scales.....!!

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